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Dec. 21st, 2021 06:52 pm
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Comment to be considered.
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Please send trades using the form or email me at achuuki@gmail.com if you are trading member cards or want to be trading buddies. Thanks!

Trading Buddies

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Please send trades using the form or email me at achuuki@gmail.com if you are trading member cards or want to be trading buddies. Thanks!

Trading Buddies

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Extras left in boxes
[Limited] [Currently have one on hand]
Alakazam -> Synchronize -> Sassy
Barbaracle -> Sniper -> Modest
Beautifly -> Swarm -> Brave
Bisharp[nicknamed 'Pierce'] -> Defiant -> Adamant
Braixen -> Blaze > Modest
Charmeleon -> Blaze -> Naive
Clauncher[JPN] -> Mega Launcher -> Modest
Clawtizer -> Mega Launcher -> Serious
Dragonair -> Shed Skin -> Naive
Durant -> Hustle -> Serious
Floette[Yellow] -> Symbiosis -> Docile
Forretress -> Sturdy -> Serious
Furfrou -> Fur Coat -> Jolly
Furret[nicknamed 'Rolo'] -> Keen Eye -> Quiet
Garchomp[FRE] -> Sand Veil -> Gentle
Gengar -> Levitate -> Quiet
Golem[JPN] -> Sturdy -> Brave
Gourgeist[JPN] -> Pickup -> Impish
Gyarados -> Intimidate -> Docile
Jumpluff -> Leaf Guard -> Quirky
Lunatone[JPN] -> Levitate -> Hardy
Machamp[nicknamed 'Armstrong'] -> Guts -> Sassy
Mothim[nicknamed 'Konoha'] -> Swarm -> Modest
Noctowl -> Tinted Lens -> Lax
Octillery -> Sniper -> Naive
Phantump -> Natural Cure -> Hardy
Pumpkaboo -> Pickup -> Serious
Pyroar♀(1 JPN, 1 ENG) -> Rivalry -> Careful, Lonely
Quagsire -> Damp -> Quirky
Seviper[nicknamed 'Orochimaru']
Spiritomb -> Pressure -> Serious
Steelix -> Sturdy -> Naive
Stunfisk[nicknamed 'BOB'] -> Limber -> Brave
Relicanth -> Swift Swim -> Relaxed
Trevenant -> Natural Cure -> Timid
Vespiquen -> Pressure -> Quiet
Wooper -> Water Absorb -> Rash
Wormadam -> Anticipation -> Relaxed

For my own reference, please do not ask unless I have offered them to you.
Vivillon(Continental, 4)
Vivillon(Garden, 3)
Vivillon(Marine, 3)
Vivillon(Meadow, 3)
Vivillon(Monsoon, 3)
Vivillon(Sandstorm, 1)
Vivillon(Savannah, 1)
Vivillon(Tundra, 5)

[Not Limited]
Aerodactyl(2) -> Rock Head -> Rash, Relaxed
Eevees(many) -> Adaptability -> Various, feel free to ask
Eevees(many) -> Run Away -> Various, feel free to ask
Fletchlings(many) -> Big Pecks -> Various, feel free to ask
Fletchlings(many) -> Gale Wings -> All Rash
Scatterbugs(Ocean, many) -> Various, feel free to ask

Breedables [Please note that I will need time before I can trade one to you!]
Eevee [w/HA]
Scatterbugs [Ocean, w/HA]

Friend Safari [Just going to list what I caught/notables] - Boldore, Braixen, Ditto, Frogadier, Floette, Forretress, Lilipup, Marowak, Petilil, Ponyta, Quilladin, Skarmory, Swadloon, Vivillon(Ocean)
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Hello hello! Chuu here and I'm here to offer commissions for the holidays! For now I'll make it friends only so if you know me, you know where to contact me 8) Skype, plurk, anything what have you! But for formalities, going to leave a form here so feel free to fill it out and such. Comments are screened!

10 USD sketch+color

15 USD* lineart+color - Special!!! Price will go up to 20 USD after December more stuff if you want to get a better idea

For couples it'll be approx 1.5x the price of your choosing. (15 USD for sketch+color, 22 for lineart+color). I won't be doing group pictures right now.


For this round, I'll have 4 available slots and 3 for waiting list!

Available Slots:
1. [personal profile] inaudibly
2. [personal profile] perarduaadast
3. [personal profile] cautiousardent
4. [personal profile] shiptastically

Wait List
5. [personal profile] miracleinkneehighs
6. [personal profile] heartbeams
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As soon as I sign off of skype, livejournal decides to not work. Lovely. I was about to post a nice entry. GUESS NOT, LJ.

In better news, I have volunteer work to do the next day and that I got to use my japanese skills to hear a cute conversation between a a father and her daughter. Oh and help out a japanese student with getting their art supplies for their class I presume? Something like that.

Also I have a good idea for scrapbook rounds this month at colors_tcg :x As soon as I finish the decks, I'll send in my ideas to Lucathia haha.
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"Mod writings here"
for smaller text

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Record Store


Candy post

Oct. 23rd, 2010 10:19 pm
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Welcome to Chuu's candy post! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
You're here for some candy aren't you? Well you've come to the right place :3c
Comment here for some free Tobi candy , as this will be the candy I'll be passing out this year.

Optional: If you could also post an official/fanart image of either a kuudere or a pair that I like, that would be most appreciated! If you need help, feel free to go through the kuudere deck, or looking below for a list of pairs that I love ♥ (I'M ALSO SORRY IF ANY OF THIS IS SOMETHING YOU DON'T SHIP that's why I made it optional!)

Happy Candy Hunting!


Bleach - Ichiruki
Cardfight! Vanguard - Kaichi
Dangan Ronpa - Naegiri
Digimon Frontier: Koukou
Fire Emblem: Awakening - Henry/Olivia, Gaius/Nowi, Gerome/Inigo
Free! - Haruwater, Makoharu, Sourin, Soumako
Gundam 00 - Setsuna/Saji
Junjou Romantica - Nowaki/Hiroki
Kagerou Project - Harutaka, Konoene, Konoshin
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - Cololal
Kingdom Hearts - Akuroku
Makai Ouji - Kevin/William
Magi - Alimor
Naruto - Naruhina
Pandora Hearts - Ozgil
Sket Dance - Yuusuke/Sasuke
Starry Sky - Tsubasa/Azusa
Tales of the Abyss - Asch/Luke

Ref for self: candy logs
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Hi guys! You all asked for a tutorial on how I made the "mass deck collection" backdrop I made, so I'll try to write this as concrete as possible. This will also require that you have basic html/css knowledge and photoshop(6.0 or higher! I'll be using cs2 for the tutorial). If you have any questions though, do ask here or on plurk! Also, please keep in mind that this is going to be based using Colors cards, but this tutorial can be used to put backdrops in any TCG collecting deck!

tutorial under here )


Feb. 21st, 2010 11:14 pm
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- Want to get rid some moldy cards that have been sitting in your trade pile? We got you covered. This service provides just the job of exchanging cards you have no use for into newer cards! These cards will end up in Bargain Bin so other players may be able to take them for their own.

- The current rate of exchange for cards are:
3 regular cards for 1 choice regular card
3 special/puzzle cards for 1 choice special/puzzle card.
1 old random card for 1 new random card

- The monthly limit for Rewrite is 4 choice regular cards, 4 choice special/puzzle cards (in any combination - 2 special and 2 puzzle, 1 special and 3 puzzle, 4 special and 0 puzzle, etc.), and 10 random cards.

Limits will reset on the 1st of every month. Players will need to wait for a mod comment before the reset is in effect, similar to deck and graphics donations.

Please use this form when exchanging cards for this service:

Mod Use: general randomizer

(Rewrite Mod, please comment over to Bargain Bin each week with a list of cards to add. Type out the cards alphabetically and space them with commas and line breaks between the textarea and /textarea coding. )

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Feel free to still leave trade offers here or on the site! Thank you!

Easy copypasta for Trade Buddying!
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Record Store

Were you able to complete a music sheet? Have any extra notes you’ve been wanting to exchange for cards? This is the place! Record Store services players in turning in any regular or special notes into cards of any type, as well as submitting any music sheets in order to earn prizes! If you are however exchanging cards for other cards however, please look into Rewrite!

Music Notes:
Music notes are the currency of the TCG here at Tones in which can used to be turned into cards of your choice! There are 4 different kinds of notes, and depending on which notes you use, will allow you to exchange for cards ranging in these hues or types:

cool note - green, blue, purple
neutral note - gray, black
warm note - red, orange, yellow, brown
special note - puzzle/special

Music Sheets:
- Music sheets are like redeeming points on a card you used to buy items but instead these points or “notes” are earned through trading cards with other players.
- At Tones, for every 20 trades you make, you can turn them in here! Rewards for each completed music sheet will be 2 random cards and 1 music note.
You are free to mark them up as you like, or leave them blank to turn in, as long as you were able to complete 20 trades with them.
- If you want to just use one music sheet, you may post just one and note how many you are turning in (sheet_chuu99.png x8 as an example) or just post the same one however many sheets you have completed.

- Have your things ready? Make a comment following these guidelines with the form below!
- When turning in music sheets, remember to have the image displayed on the comment so that it’s visible to see you’re submitting them
- For turning in music notes, please remember to spell out the card names without spaces, slashes or capital letters (i.e. song01, song03, etc....NOT Song 01/03)

Please use the following format when turning in any music notes and music sheets:

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main post

Candies Received:
- [personal profile] sal, red [oct 24]
- [personal profile] mori, blue [oct 24]
- [personal profile] tentacular, gray [oct 24]
- [personal profile] estamir, green [oct 24]
- [personal profile] reneetwist, green [oct 24]
- [personal profile] cautiousardent, purple [oct 24]
- [personal profile] canute, orange [oct 24]
- [personal profile] empanadas, orange [oct 24]
- [personal profile] laurant, orange [oct 24]
- [personal profile] netbug009, red [oct 24]
- [personal profile] koohii, orange [oct 25]
- [personal profile] blinkingrune, green [oct 25]
- [personal profile] preternatural, purple [oct 25]
- [personal profile] kuranosuke, purple [oct 26]
- [personal profile] rikym, orange [oct 26]
- [personal profile] suguro, orange [oct 26]

- Hi-5 Radio! 8, gray [oct 24]
- CONAN'S CLUES 217, orange, yellow [nov 18]
- GUESS THE COLOR 192, gray [nov 18]
- Ansem's Player Report 57, yellow [nov 18]
- Hi-5 Radio! 9, purple, brown [nov 18]
- Host Club Giveaway - Round 99, yellow [nov 18]
- Ansem's Player Report 58, orange [nov 18]
- Hi-5 Radio! 10, purple, orange [nov 18]
- GUESS THE COLOR 194, gray, yellow [nov 18]
- ARAZLAM'S CLUES 220, purple [nov 18]
- Hi-5 Radio! 11, yellow, orange [nov 18]

Candies Given:
1. [personal profile] estamir [oct 24]
2. [personal profile] cautiousardent [oct 24]
3. [personal profile] needles [oct 24]
4. [personal profile] heartdevourer [oct 24]
5. [personal profile] scblakdrgon [oct 24]
6. [personal profile] empanadas [oct 25]
7. [personal profile] dieneces [oct 25]
8. [personal profile] onyxdotexe [oct 25]
9. [personal profile] netbug009 [oct 25]
10.[personal profile] reneetwist [oct 25]
11.[personal profile] possibilityleft [oct 25]
12.[personal profile] harukami [oct 25]
13.[personal profile] emberwishes [oct 26]
14.[personal profile] suguro [oct 26]
15.[personal profile] sal [oct 26]
16.[personal profile] kuranosuke [oct 26]
17.[personal profile] moon_wolf [oct 26]
18.[personal profile] preternatural [oct 26]
19.[personal profile] yokatta [nov 04]
20.[personal profile] minteaprince [nov 04]
21.[personal profile] zettaimuri [nov 04]
22.[personal profile] scblakdrgon [nov 04]
23.[personal profile] instrumentality [nov 04]
24.[personal profile] aaveplsgo [nov 04]
25.[personal profile] yoonghwa [nov 04]
26.[personal profile] tonko [nov 26]
27.[personal profile] dialny [nov 26]
28.[personal profile] adurotum [nov 26]
29.[personal profile] blinkingrune [nov 26]
30.[personal profile] toran [nov 26]
31.[personal profile] kues [nov 26]
32.[personal profile] nidoking [nov 26]
33.[personal profile] eyvindur [nov 26]
34.[personal profile] rikym [nov 26]
35.[personal profile] mori [nov 26]
36.[personal profile] magaru [nov 26]
37.[personal profile] stag [nov 26]
38.[personal profile] nyxnoxbox [nov 26]
39.[personal profile] secretambition [nov 26]
40.[personal profile] lihanortti [nov 26]